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fade away never

Two new poems of mine

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 13:06

the vast liquid eyes of seduction spins languidly in and out of time and meaning.
Orphans dance with the idea of "ma and pa" shops with candy lollies and tangy taffies.
Clarity defines stability amongst the gospel of the sedated church of chaos.
There is no more understanding for the one who believes in magic,universal love.
Peace and war they begin where it ends..in the center of the confusion.
Far out ideals contaminate the French foreign exchange students in Belgium.I am dizzy with guilt from words Ive forgotten to write,They will be repeated for eternity's infinity....are you proud?

"Lust Dust"

Paper cuts on my tongue from sending you love letters that you choose to keep in your bitter box of memories building up thick sentimental lust dust.

Lets play the crying game awhile holding hands with the magical past of legends,icons and jaded starlets.
Must you fool me?
I'll hang nonchalantly in waiting rooms of the dying like road maps of their past,will their journey last?
Spilled pills making you sicker,give then take all for control's sake
Do you believe in your mistake?
I put out the fire in your lake.
Brittle bone,hanging skin,a world of pain I'm blessed with euphoric sin
I'm abstract and undiagnosable
deep with thought forever recognizable
He was once my love,NOW only dust of lust in a box of death
Makes your bitter box of memories pale in comparison to his sweet last breath(c) Kim Acrylic

fade away never

love this

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 10:56
Current Location: United States, Seattle
Current Mood: creative
Partial Resemblance by "Denise Levertov "

Denise Levertov
A doll's hair concealing
an eggshell skull delicately
throbbing, within which
maggots in voluptuous unrest
jostle and shrug. Oh, Eileen, my
big doll, your gold hair was
not more sunny than this
human fur, but
your head was
radiant in its emptiness,
a small clean room.

Her warm and rosy mouth
is telling lies—she would
believe them if she could believe:
her pretty eyes
search out corruption. Oh, Eileen
how kindly your silence was, and
what virtue
shone in the opening and shutting of your
ingenious blindness.

fade away never

Suede~sleeping pills

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 09:25


fade away never

Beautiful ones

Posted on 2010.06.14 at 09:18

"Beautiful Ones"

High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine
shaking their bits to the hits,
Drag acts, drug acts, suicides, in your dad's suits you hide
staining his name again,
Cracked up, stacked up, 22, psycho for sex and glue
lost it to Bostik, yeah,
Shaved heads, rave heads, on the pill, got too much time to kill
get into bands and gangs,

Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones

loved up, Doved up, hung around, stoned in a lonely town
shaking their meat to the beat,
High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine
shaking their bits to the hits,

Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones.

You don't think about it,
You don't do without it,
because you're beautiful,
And if your baby's going crazy
that's how you made me,

la, la, la, la...

fade away never

Carl Barat

Posted on 2010.06.13 at 10:06
Current Location: United States, Seattle
Current Mood: blahblah
I think im more Carl fan than Pete...not sure though..what are YOUR opinions?

and besides MR. Cocker who do you like the best in Pulp?

just curious

fade away never

new poem

Posted on 2010.05.21 at 07:02
"a little death"
What are your thoughts on the Shaman that seek the small death?
the lost and charming ones will always survive the wrath of the ruins
i give you my word, will you write a story with it?
i dance with prophets with blood stained hands,,they dig so deep
the forsaken indians play their magic like a long lost xmas song
i will pray with them.
drink some wine be a friend or perhaps an inspiration
I will believe in you like a christian does christ
i feel no need of affection or loyalty all is broken inside the hollow tomb of pasty flesh
magic or spells heaven and hells can not bring back the lover the fool who kept my sanity in his jar of memories
I will quote the phantom poets and muses keeping them in my dreary diary of hope and affirmations
you believe in wilted luck and class?
come see my one girl show,i'll give ya a pass
you will however choose the macabre martyr for love and incest
i will not detest.

fade away never

3 years!

Posted on 2010.04.30 at 13:56
Current Location: United States, Seattle
today has been three years since i saw/touch Jarvis cocker!!!!

wooo hooo best anniversary ever!!!

the epic shaking of my hand (at the end)

fade away never

my richey edwards shirt

Posted on 2010.04.29 at 12:46
i got this too but its olive green


fade away never

MY video

Posted on 2010.04.15 at 14:48
Lyrics and vocals by me,video production and music by the northern drones:)

fade away never

meme (for the new and old on my LJ)

Posted on 2010.04.13 at 21:37
Current Location: United States, Seattle
Current Music: Blur
5 things I’m currently addicted to:
1. lastfm
2. Tumblr
3. caffeine
4. second life
5. The UK

biggest Celebrity Crushes:
1. Jarvis cocker
2. Noel feilding
3. Peter Doherty
4. Damon Albarn
5. chloe sevigny(girl crush)

your dream future: 1 job/1 city/1 car/1 pet/1 husband or wife:
1. Some kind of performer
2. London
3. One of those cool vintage cars(pink or torquoise)
4. a kitty
5. jarvis cocker IS my hussband,ok?

5 things that always cheer me up:
1. positive responces
2. live gigs
3. Cold, grey weather
4. making out
5. Singing/listening to music

five things that you would say to FIVE different people
1. You’re a genius and I want to have your life.
2. Get the fuck over yourself, I hate you
3. i miss your GUTS!
4. im afraid we are drifting apart
5. dont die!

ten things about myself
1. im a published writer/poet
2. i have 2 books for sale
3. im obsessed with the band Pulp
4. i have a spoken word CD on itunes
5. I get obsessed with things really easily
6. ive always wanted to be famous
7. i really dislike america
8. Noel Feilding has themy dream boy personality
9. im highly HIGHLY sensitive
10. I interview more well known people than me for a magazine

seven ways to win my heart.
1. be humorous
2. Know about music
3. Be childlike
4. Wear unusual clothes
5. Be English
6. be thin
7. Don’t be overtly religious

five things that cross my mind a lot
1. My future/ life
2. music
3. my health
4. Money
5. fears

four things I do before I sleep
1. take meds
2. call my friend
3. read
4. dream

four things I see right now
1. hello panda cookies
2. mtn,dew cans
3. starbucks coffee cup(ugh)
4. ampty beer cans

three things I want to do before I die
1. Be in a respectable band/spoken word performer
2. Live in London
3. Go on tour

fade away never

book is ready!

Posted on 2010.03.07 at 10:57
just search kim acrylic:))


fade away never

bored survey

Posted on 2009.12.26 at 17:27
EXTREMELY BORED?? Entertaining LJ Survey! LOTS of Questions
Created by bubbletrouble206 and taken 499 times on Bzoink
EXTREMELY BORED?? Part 1- The Basics
What's your name?: Kim
What do you like to be called?: Kim Acrylic
How old are you?: 32
Where were you born?: seattle
Where do you live now?: Seattle
When's your birthday?: aug.1st!
How many siblings do you have?:
EXTREMELY BORED?? Part 2- What color is/are your...
Hair?: shaggy and pink
Eyes?: blue/green
Nails?: bitten
Shirt?: the doors
Room Painted?: apartment white with posters all over
LJ icon?: deafult is velvet goldmine
Desktop?: sophie dahl
Socks?: none
Shoes?: converse
EXTREMELY BORED?? Part 3- Do you own a...
Car?: nope
Your own computer?: indeed
Dog?: no
Cat?: used to
Another kind of animal?: naw
Paid LJ Account?: PLEASE???
Website?: www.myspace.com/kimacrylic
A house?: APT.
A Store?: to shop?
EXTREMELY BORED?? Part 4- This or That?
Vanilla or Chocolate?: chocolate
DVD or VHS?: VHS they dont skip
CD or Cassette?: mixed tapes!!!
MSN or AIM?: aim
Mac or Windows?: only have had windows would like a mac though
Red or Blue?: red
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Quiz or Survey?: survey
Saturday or Sunday?: saturday
Socks or no?: I love cute socks
EXTREMELY BORED?? Part 5- Your Friends. Who is...
Annoying: i dont stay friends with annoying people
Too Hyper: my lil nephew
Stupid: i have smart friends
Nicest: roger
Prettiest: polly
One who you fight with alot: i dont fight with my friends
Known the Shortest: sarah
Known the longest: polly
Gives you stuff: sarah
Makes you feel better: roger
Most Talented: all of my friends are the creative type
Won't shut up: my oldest niece lolol
Shy: none
Too quiet: bethany's boyfriend! can't hear him!
EXTREMELY BORED?? Last Part- Random
What kind of computer are you using?: Dell windows shit vista
If you were to make a new email, what would the screename be?: something about the band pulp or britpop
Are you bored?: yesh
What does your icon have?: green and a hot boy
Do you like this survey so far?: no,sorry
Is it boring?: ugh
Why is it boring/not boring?: shuddup!
Are you wearing socks?: noooo
Shoes?: yes
Earrings?: no
You've been totally Bzoink*d!
Take This Survey | Search Surveys | Create a Survey

fade away never
Posted on 2009.12.25 at 12:07

fade away never


Posted on 2009.12.24 at 02:35
idea from i_hate_music 

these are the bands i adore and listen to the most throug out my life

pulp♥relaxed muscle♥jarvis cocker♥manic street preachers♥london suede♥blur♥the charlatans U.K♥JJ72♥libertines♥babyshambles♥iggy pop♥ramones♥sex pistols♥NY dolls♥t-rex♥david bowie♥placebo♥hole♥the doors♥the tea party♥muse♥ours♥prick♥NIN♥ladytron♥bis♥arctic monkeys♥alice in chains♥mother love bone♥soundgarden♥nirvana♥H.I.M♥radiohead♥the dandy warhols♥mono in vcf♥manray♥running with scissors♥green apple quickstep♥sweetwater♥7 year bitch♥sky cries mary♥mudhoney♥catatonia♥UKsubs♥blonde redhead♥brian jonestown massacre♥ash♥divine comedy♥dirty pretty things♥the gossip♥graham coxon♥jesus and mary chain♥the killers♥kings of leon♥art brut♥british sea power♥menswe@r♥oasis♥ocean colour scene♥patrick wolf♥jim carroll band♥patti smith♥rolling stones♥screaming trees♥elbow♥adorable♥my bloody valentine♥spiritualized♥mellow♥super furry animals♥syd barrett♥the verve♥the velvet underground♥lou reed♥bob dylan♥elliot smith♥the pixies♥garbage♥babes in toyland♥lush♥luna♥galaxie 500♥sigur ros♥MGMT♥

fade away never

ADD me?

Posted on 2009.12.23 at 04:32
Current Mood: coldcold
Current Music: I AM X
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